Local Scholarship

Helping a New Tiger

The New York & Tri-State Area Clemson Club awards a local tri-state area Clemson University student a scholarship to help offset their tuition costs. Our hope is that this scholarship will help offset some of the financial burden of being an out-of-state student and attract more students from the area to Clemson.

This scholarship is fully funded by the club and local alumni. To make this possible, $5.00 from each member’s dues is donated into the fund. Additionally, the club host events throughout the year to help aid the fund and donations from alumni are accepted.

This scholarship fund was established by founder and club President, Bryn Smith (Class of ’02). She devised the scholarship as way to help future Clemson students while also honoring Monica Walsh, a fellow Clemson Alumna (Class of ’85) who lost her battle with cancer in December 2009. When asked how Monica impacted her life, Bryn had this to share:

“From the moment I met Monica 6 years prior, she had an energy I can’t quite put into words. Monica, like me, was an out-of-state student that attended Clemson and returned to NY after graduating. She poised herself with strength and leadership, and she encouraged me to continue to grow this Clemson Club and the Clemson network in the area. This club certainly wouldn’t be where it is today without the support and inspiration that she gave me.”

The NY/Tri-State Clemson Club scholarship will recognize and honor the admirable traits we all want in future Tigers –energy, poise, strength and leadership – the same extraordinary values those of us who knew Monica remember being an integral part of her personality. Our hope is to continue growing the amount each year and eventually offer more scholarships to the talented and driven future Tigers of the NY, NJ & CT area. If you’re interested in providing additional support for the scholarship fund you may make a donation below.